Inventory Management Services

Economy Polymers & Chemicals offers inventory management solutions that save you time and money through our partnership with Economy Inventory Management Systems (ELIMS). When it comes to the consumables that drive your day-to-day operations, every ounce counts. Ordering too much product leaves expensive excess taking up valuable warehouse space. Ordering too little grinds business to a halt, dealing a blow to your bottom line.

A remote monitoring system with an accuracy of 99% or greater, ELIMS makes inventory management easier than ever before. Track consumables anytime, anyplace you have an internet connection. Reduce expensive adjustments and write-offs. Eliminate unnecessary man hours in the field. With an average savings of $40,000 per job, ELIMS streamlines your day’s work and means fewer out-of-pocket expenses.

Benefit Your Business with ELIMS’ Improved Tracking Technology

  • Real-time, On-site Field Inventory Management
  • Mobile, Wireless, Battery-powered System
  • Secure, Encrypted Database
  • Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere
  • On-site Chemical Total Printouts
  • Consignment Billing
  • Automated Invoicing from the Field to Your System
  • 99% or Greater Inventory Measurement Accuracy
  • Modular System Adapts to Most Existing Containers

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