Economy Polymers & Chemicals is a trusted manufacturer of industry-standard economy mud products, chemicals, and additives used in numerous drilling applications. We aim to provide a dependable solution to streamline your operations, regardless of the drilling project. Rest assured, we can deliver superior-quality seismic drilling solutions that guarantee optimal results.

Drilling Mud and Fluid Products from Experts

We carry a wide range of drilling fluid solutions that will guide you through every production stage while ensuring success in your projects. Our chemicals and additives are made with quality in mind to ensure you get your job done with ease and precision.

Some application examples of using drilling economy mud products:

  • Lubricate and cool the drill bits
  • Bring rock cuttings to the surface
  • Control subsurface pressures
  • Reduce formation damage
  • Control erosion of the borehole
  • Optimize drilling parameters

These applications require quality drilling mud products that adhere to your project requirements. Nevertheless, we ensure each product can withstand the rigorous conditions present in the drilling process.

Our Line of Water Wells & Seismic Drilling Products

We specialize in products utilized in water wells and seismic drilling applications. These are also employed in numerous other industries that extract natural resources like oil and gas.

Our economy mud products are developed and engineered to deliver top-quality results in drilling operations. Therefore, they’re an optimal solution that can save you money and time.

Our expansive list includes the following:

  • Binding Agent: Synthetic polymers offer the functionality of improving emulsion stability.
  • Defoamer: These additives disintegrate the existing foam and lower interfacial tension to assist trapped gas in escaping the mud.
  • Drilling Fluid: These high-performance additives allow a smoother operation while rock cuttings move to the surface.
  • Drilling Mud: Our polygel solutions assist in drilling a borehole into the earth.
  • Foamers: Foamers are used in foam drilling to enhance the ability to lift cuttings with air while ensuring borehole stability.
  • Gelling Agent: Polygel agents are used for conformance control, production engineering, and other drilling purposes.
  • Hole Plugging & Abandonment: Cement plugs are imperative when a well reaches its end-life for isolation and to prevent fluid-bearing formations.
  • Lubricant: Lubricants can reduce friction and improve penetration rate for extended-reach drilling operations.
  • Mud Thinner: Drilling mud thinner materials are added to the soil to reduce viscosity.
  • Powder: Our polymer powders can support your drilling operations by maintaining hole stability.
  • Stabilizer: Liquid stabilizers can increase weak soil stability to prevent caving during drilling.

Our specially-blended additives, polymers, and chemicals are designed to meet the specifications and needs of your projects. No matter how complex or challenging your drilling processes are, we have the perfect solution.


Let Us Fulfill Your Drilling Requirements with High-Quality Products

Skilled engineers develop our comprehensive selections of economy mud products using advanced technology and top-grade materials, such as guar gum and synthetic polyacrylamide blends. We’re confident in the quality of our products, ensuring they undergo stringent testing to achieve customer satisfaction and success.

Contact us today if you’re interested in our solutions. Our team can help you find a cost-effective solution that won’t compromise your operations!