We speak science at Economy Polymers & Chemicals. Each and every day, our team is innovating state-of-the-art products and improving the ways we go about tasks such as chemical processing, toll blending and chemical packaging. We understand that not every company lives and breathes these processes like we do, and we believe that, the better-informed our friends and colleagues are, the better off our industry is as a whole. That’s why we’re on a mission to educate.

Here, we’ve laid out the most commonly-asked questions our team fields on a daily basis. We hope this offers a deeper understanding into all the ways Economy uses science to innovate our field, and move companies like your forward.

Can I have my shipment expedited?
Yes, but doing so may result in additional freight costs.

Do I have to order in full truck load quantities?
No, we Economy Polymers & Chemicals is able to handle orders of any size, from a small package to a single or multiple pallet/tote, to multiple full truck load orders.

How do I place an order?
Simply create your purchase order and either send it to us via e-mail at accounting@economypolymers.com, or fax it to 713.723.1845. We will do the rest.

How does Economy Polymers & Chemicals ensure products meet customers’ specifications?
Economy Polymers & Chemicals is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We have very strict quality control processes and procedures that help us produce the highest quality products and keep our manufacturing rejection rates extremely low.

How much does Economy Polymers & Chemicals charge for technical support?
Zero. Technical support is free to all customers.

I thought Economy Polymers & Chemicals was a guar company that only served the hydraulic fracturing industry. Is that true?
It is true that we are the largest supplier of guar gum and guar gum slurries in North America, but our work doesn’t end there. We are basic in guar gum and guar gum derivatives, and sell entire fracturing fluid systems of which guar gum is just one element. We also sell guar gum to a host of other industries, including personal care, paper, food and mining.

What can Economy Polymers & Chemicals offer to industries outside of the oilfield?
Economy Polymers & Chemicals has a long tradition of selling to industries such as mining, personal care, paper, pet care, food, construction and many others. We draw on our expertise in guar gum chemistry and apply that to any situation where guar is or can be used.

What if Economy Polymers & Chemicals does not carry a product that I need?
Our team is able to manufacture custom products and chemicals. If you request a product that we currently do not offer, we will work with you to develop a custom blend that performs according to your particular needs.

What is the normal lead time to have my product shipped?
Most products are either stocked or manufactured daily so we can ship orders out as needed.

What kind of products does Economy Polymers & Chemicals sell to the oil and gas industry?
We sell chemical additives that go into hydraulic fracturing fluids, acidizing fluids, coiled tubing operations and hydrocarbon-based fracturing fluids. In addition to individual products, we sell complete fluid systems for hydraulic fracturing and acidizing treatments.

What kind of testing capabilities does Economy Polymers & Chemicals offer the oil field stimulation industry?
We perform many tests in-house, such as:
• Viscosity and rheology at various shear rates and temperature for fracturing and coiled tubing applications
• Crosslink times
• Compatibility testing of products in various stimulation systems
• Break tests for fracturing fluids
• Acid sludge tests
• Surface Tension
• Separation and settling of slurries
• Density
• Friction reducer performance

We also are contracted with third-party labs that conduct:
• Water analysis
• Acid corrosion testing
• Regained permeability

When does Economy Polymers & Chemicals deliver products to the job site?
Economy Polymers & Chemicals manufactures products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will deliver products to your job site any time day or night.

Where does Economy Polymers & Chemicals ship its products?
Economy Polymers & Chemicals can ship to any location — from international to domestic, from stock yard to job site — as long as directions and/or GPS coordinates are provided.

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