For construction industry professionals and the clients they serve, aesthetics aren’t the only factor to consider on the job. The building materials and supporting products that go in to each project must be safe for use, fit within financial constraints, and result in a safe and solid completed structure. At Economy Polymers & Chemicals, we understand. We proudly produce a variety of products to aid through every stage of the building process.

From specially-formulated guar able to offer trench wall support, to eco-friendly liquid shoring options and a wide range of additional additives, with Economy, strength and sustainability go hand in hand.

Liquid Shoring Polymers
ThickenerEcopol-CO19Ecopol-CO19 PRODUCT DATA SHEET
Ecopol-CO2000Ecopol-CO2000 PRODUCT DATA SHEET

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?
The products listed are just the beginning for what Economy and guar can do for your processes. Let our professionals come together with yours to talk about your company’s overarching goals, and find the right blends for your business.