Environmental safety and ethical, sustainable practices are key components of the way Economy Polymers & Chemicals does business. With operations carried out the world over, the Economy team makes every effort to observe and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. This includes in-depth reporting through an ISO 9001-certified management system which pinpoints and reports environmental non-conformance issues that make themselves known on our sites.

We also incorporate additional environmental safety considerations into day-to-day operations. Proper labeling of hazardous chemicals lowers the risk of dangerous spills and exposure, while team member training ensures safe practices remain front and center. Weekly meetings provide Economy management the opportunity to review non-conformance reports and correct such issues quickly. Meanwhile, proper permitting and registrations, and adherence to federal, state and local emissions standards, helps protect our environment for future generations.


Economy is dedicated to not only preserving the environment and our industry’s practices, but making improvements when possible.

  • Sustainable, Wind-Powered Operations in India
  • Education Programs to Improve Guar Farmers’ Growing Techniques
  • Guar Seed Distribution to Encourage Cultivation in India
  • Continued Focus on the Development of Green Products
  • Status as the World’s Largest Importer of Natural Polymers