Woven fabrics and tooled fibers are more than mere commodities. They form the very basis of the clothing, carpeting and similar items people depend on each day. And when you’re dealing with such basic necessities of everyday life, only the best ingredients will do. Economy Polymers & Chemicals is here to provide the guar polymers, additives and special chemicals it takes to help ensure companies like yours offer only the best, every time.

Our Ecopol line of guar products offers a wide range of benefits, and incorporates ongoing consistency into your procedures. Ensure proper color dispersion, improved dust control and more dependable sizing with versatile batches that work for you. With options to customize your perfect blend, and numerous molecular weights available, you’re sure to find your right fit.

Print Paste ThickenerEcopol-C15Carpet ProductionEcopol-C15 PRODUCT DATA SHEET
Ecopol-C19Carpet ProductionEcopol-C19 PRODUCT DATA SHEET
Ecopol-C21Carpet ProductionEcopol-C21 PRODUCT DATA SHEET
Ecopol-C400Carpet ProductionEcopol-C400 PRODUCT DATA SHEET
Ecopol-C66Carpet ProductionEcopol-C66 PRODUCT DATA SHEET

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The products listed are just the beginning for what Economy and guar can do for your processes. Let our professionals come together with yours to talk about your company’s overarching goals, and find the right blends for your business.


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