As an industry-leading chemical supplier, developer and manufacturer, Economy Polymers & Chemicals provides the support you need to keep your mining operations running at optimal levels. There’s more that goes into mining than simply selecting a location and digging in – it takes an attention to detail and quality products to ensure safe blasts and operations that are as profitable as they are productive.

Our team understands the harsh environments you face day in and day out, and we’re here to help you deliver to the best of your ability. With everything from gelling agents to aid in blasts, to clay depressant and corrosion control chemicals and even bulk commodities, Economy is your direct source for the guar gum and mineral processing chemicals upon which you rely.

Acid Corrosion InhibitorEcono CI200
Clay DepressionEcono HEC
Flocculants/CoagulantsEcono FR-C42
Ecopol FR-2
Ecopol FR-3
Ecopol FR-1
Flocculants/Coagulants, Clay DepressionEcopol 261SEcopol-261S MSDSEcopol-261S PRODUCT DATA SHEET
Ecopol C14S
Ecopol DSH
Ecopol M2155Ecopol-M2155 PRODUCT DATA SHEET
Flocculants/Coagulants, Clay Depression, Cathode SmoothingEcopol 2000Ecopol-2000 SDSEcopol-2000 PRODUCT DATA SHEET
Ecopol 5000
Non-ionic Antifoam AgentEcono DF1
Specialized Corrosion InhibitorEcono CIAS 303

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?
The products listed are just the beginning for what Economy and guar can do for your processes. Let our professionals come together with yours to talk about your company’s overarching goals, and find the right blends for your business.