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Track the consumables your company depends on each day with ELIMS, a remote inventory monitoring system that provides in-depth information anytime, anyplace you have an internet connection.

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Our Specializations

Our extensive range of services allows us to deliver high-performance chemicals and polymers that will secure your business’ growth and expansion. Using quality materials and products, such as guar gum and synthetic blends, we can achieve optimal outcomes that will drive success to your countless operations.

  • Toll manufacturing: We specialize in toll blending services for consistent and accurate blending of your products. Our team can also source the materials needed to accomplish quality blends every time.
  • Grinding and Pulverizing: We offer a broad array of grinding and pulverizing services for a variety of materials. Our advanced machines and processes will ensure that your materials are ground to the desired particle size and consistency, delivering uniformity in your end product.
  • Custom chemical blending: Regardless of your industry and the complexity of your chemical needs, our cutting-edge blending equipment and experienced team can produce superior results, such as crosslinkers and friction reducers, for any application.
  • Inventory management: We help you save money through our meticulous inventory management services. In partnership with Economy Inventory Management Systems (ELIMS), we ensure you have the right amount of products on hand by tracking your consumables through our 99% accurate remote monitoring system.
  • Warehousing: We partner with MSC Distribution to offer reliable warehousing services, including transloading, bulk loading, and dock-high loading capabilities that optimize your storage solutions while minimizing costs.
  • Transportation and logistics: Safe and secure conveyance of your products is accomplished with our effective transportation and logistics services while working alongside Economy Transportation & Logistics.

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Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

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Offering Added Ability the World Over