Economy Mud Products was founded as a Texas corporation on February 19, 1951. The company’s original location consisted of rented office space in the Southern Pacific Building in Houston, Texas. From these humble beginnings, the company would eventually grow to become a multi-national leader producing a full spectrum of chemical products for a wide variety of industries.

Some of the highlights and milestones throughout our history include the following:

  • Invented the first bentonite slurry called Liquid Poly Gel in 1964.
  • Invented guar polymer slurries in 1964.
  • Have been manufacturing and distributing guar polymers since 1985.
  • Leaders in guar-based polymer technology research and development since 1992.
  • Opened our CMHPG HPG plant in 1992.
  • Have made investments in India for new varieties of guar since 1995.
  • Created drive for powder to water and built equipment to prove its viability in 2001.
  • Invented modern powder-to-water equipment and polymers used in 2002.
  • Introduced new water recycling techniques in 2009.
  • Funded agronomy projects for desert regions in 2009.
  • Imported new farming techniques learned in Texas to India in 2009.
  • Became world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of oilfield guar-based products in 2010.
  • Financed research to develop a new variety of seed for desert areas in 2010.
  • Hired agronomists to educate guar farmers in 2010.
  • Gave away new variety of guar seeds to farmers beginning in 2010.
  • Built substantial warehouse space to increase reserve inventory in 2011.
  • Completed $25 million construction project on the largest FHHV guar plant in the world to increase finished goods capacity by 125% in 2012.
  • First seed giveaway event held in May 2012. Over $18 million worth of guar seed given to an estimated 100,000 Indian farmers during course of the program.
  • Buyback program began in October 2012.
  • Planted more than 400,000 hectares in FHHV guar.

Today, more than 60 years after its founding, Economy Mud Products and its subsidiary companies continue to grow – with a focus on developing, manufacturing and packaging the highest quality products for the industries we serve.



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