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1/22/2015   SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference. February 3-5, 2015 The Woodlands, Texas. Visit Economy @ Booth 100
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11/6/2014   API report says economic impact of fracking positive for world
  The economic impact of fracking operations has had a positive effect around the world, according to a study by ICF International for the American Petroleum Institute.

9/17/2013 View FileFormulating with Quaternized Guar
 Body washes and 2-in-1 shampoos have created a new market for quaternized guar products.  These natural materials have excellent conditioning properties without causing buildup.
7/17/2013   Fracking pushes US Oil Output to Highest Since 1992
  U.S. oil production jumped last week to the highest level since January 1992, cutting consumption of foreign fuel and putting the U.S. closer to energy independence...
7/17/2013   Fracking to Ramp Up in Permian Basin
  For every one job created on a drilling rig in the Permian Basin by the hydraulic fracturing craze taking over in West Texas, two jobs will be generated in Houstonís downtown skyscrapers, Texas economist Ray Perryman told me recently...
2/18/2014   Industry urged to change hydraulic fracturing 'conversation'
  The oil and gas industry needs to change the conversation about hydraulic fracturing by engaging with the public to demystify the process and highlighting efforts to reduce the environmental footprints of drilling and completion.
12/11/2013  Installation of Wind and Solar Power Projects

Economy Polymers and Chemicals is in partnership with Rajasthan Gums PVT LTD to install wind and solar power projects in India.  Rajasthan Gums PVT LTD owns the wind turbines and solar panels.  Economy Polymers and Chemicals approves the turbines and panels.

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01/06/2014  Economy Polymers & Chemicals advertisement in Winter 2013 Issue of



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