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Installation of Wind and Solar Power Projects - Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Most wind energy comes from turbines.  The wind spins the blade, which turns a shaft connected to a generator that produces electricity.  Wind is a clean source of renewable energy that produces no air or water pollution.  Operational costs are nearly zero once a turbine is erected.  Industry experts predict that if this pace of growth continues, by 2050 the answer to one third of the world’s electricity needs will be found blowing in the wind.

Economy Polymers and Chemicals is in partnership with Rajasthan Gums PVT LTD to install wind and solar power projects in India.  Rajasthan Gums PVT LTD owns the wind turbines and solar panels.  Economy Polymers and Chemicals approves the turbines and panels. 

With India's consumption of power at a steady increase, minister of New and Renewable Energy, Faroq Abdullah, said his ministry is providing various renewable energy systems for decentraliz
ed generation of electricity.  The government is encouraging generation of electricity from various renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, small hydro, biomass by giving various fiscal and financial incentives. 


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