ELIMS – Economy Liquid Inventory Management System
Economy Liquid Inventory Management System – also known as ELIMS – has developed revolutionary technology for the inventory management phase of hydraulic fracturing. In addition, our technology can be applied to industries including refining, drilling, manufacturing and more.

Along with our parent company, Economy Polymers and Chemicals, we have created new technology that offers an incredible level of inventory accuracy that was never before possible in hydraulic fracturing. Other benefits of ELIMS include a drastic decrease in personnel risk, the means to invoice immediately, plus the means to effectively cut the service provider’s inventory to zero.

The focus of ELIMS is to eliminate the use of totes on hydraulic fracturing locations and in storage facilities. By doing this, ELIMS creates a smaller footprint and a greener oilfield.

ELIMS has already been successfully utilized on hydraulic fracturing locations throughout south Texas, east Texas, Louisiana and the Bakken. Further plans for expansion include west Texas and all major shale plays in North America – with almost limitless possibilities beyond these locations.

ELIMS utilizes technology derived from the aerospace industry to monitor fluid volumes in gallons with ≥99% accuracy. This is coupled with real-time data broadcasting on the hydraulic fracturing location and over the ELIMS website – allowing the data to be viewed anywhere in the world.

The accuracy of the ELIMS monitoring units allows Economy Polymers and Chemicals to charge for chemicals on a usage-only basis. This creates a system that eliminates the customer’s need to keep inventory – thus freeing up capital, time and labor while reducing risk. ELIMS reduces customers’ billing lag considerably through this bill-by-usage strategy, while also providing the customer with hard and soft copies of the chemical usage receipt at the end of each stage and/or job. An electronic database provided with the ELIMS monitoring service archives all data from previous jobs and gives customers access to historical values at no additional charge.

The benefits to the end users – exploration and production companies – include assurance of accurate invoices that can be processed more quickly; higher quality hydraulic fracturing jobs; and readily available historical evidence to eliminate any debate over chemical usage volumes.

The combination of measurement technology and storage containers being implemented by ELIMS allows the system to monitor and safely contain the following chemicals: Surfactants, Clay Control Agents, Acid, Acidizing Chemicals, Low pH Buffer, High pH Buffer, Borate and Zirconate Cross-Linkers, Breakers, Friction Reducers, Guar Gel, Gel Stabilizer, Lubricants, Scale Inhibitors, Biocides and Water. Current ELIMS technology development allows the system to monitor solids including proppant in any type of storage container.

The future of ELIMS is virtually limitless – and our company is focused on expansion and diversification into many new markets and product lines.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how ELIMS can save you money while also reducing your risks. 



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